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Time Building or Hour Build is the most important stage to becoming a proficient and confident Pilot in Command.

This essential part of the training is generally performed during the ATPL ground school. Make the most out of the exceptional weather conditions of the region (Costa del Sol, Malaga), visit major airports in the south of Spain, and complete the necessary elements towards your advanced flight training in order to achieve your EASA Commercial Pilot Licence.


Fly 100 hours in as little as 6 weeks, the Time Build doesn’t need to be boring, long, nor expensive.




Night Rating is one of the most exciting elements of commercial pilot training.


Landing at night in big airports, enjoying the amazing views, will be hard to forget. EASA Night Rating course will allow you to fly at night under VFR conditions. This course is one of the requirements to access Instrument Rating (IR) and The elements NR VFR are:


  • 4 hours ground lessons

  • 5 hours flight training (one as PIC) divided in two nights


A-UPRT stands for ‘upset prevention and recovery training’, combining theoretical knowledge and flight training.

Fundamental course to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills for pilots to anticipate, avoid loss of control in flight and, develop the appropriate techniques to recover from adverse situations in which an aeroplane unintentionally exceeds the parameters for line operation or training (aeroplane upsets).


The elements A-UPRT course are:

  • 5 hours ground lessons

  • 3 hours Single-Engine Piston Training

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