Aircraft maintenance

Aerodynamics Academy

At Aerodynamics we have our own aircraft maintenance service, thanks to our experience in the sector and our knowledge we offer a service with the best qualities.

Aircraft maintenance

PART-145 (ES.145.188)

They are the technical, operational and administrative requirements that an organization dedicated to aircraft maintenance must meet, such as maintenance tasks, repairs, scheduled revisions and modifications of aircraft (Cessna, Piper, Beechcraft), Paint Shop, Structural Repairs, Basic inspection (SID) of the Cessa 100/200 series models, Line and Base Maintenance Services (LEAX).


Services intended


  • Repair and maintenance of historic aircraft: PIPER J-3, PA-14 and PA-18. CASA BUKER 131 and BUCKER 133. AMERICAN CHAMPION 7KCAB Citabria

Airworthiness Management

CAMO (es.camo.046)

A Continuing Maintenance Management Organization (CAMO) is in charge of the Management of Continued Airworthiness, Development and updating of Aircraft Maintenance Programs, Modification and Repair Management, Scheduled Maintenance Planning and Creation of Work Orders, Compliance of Airworthiness Directives (AD) and Service Bulletins, Component Management, Aircraft Maintenance Status Reports


Intended services: AERONAUTICAL CAMO

Renewal of the ARC (Airworthiness Review Certificate) for aerial and private work operators.

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