Drone Pilot Course

Aerodynamics Academy offers you the course to obtain the official STS AESA/EASA Professional Drone Pilot certification

Get your certification with us, and start working with the necessary training and license to develop a professional activity

Drone Pilot Course in Málaga

Drones or UAS (Unmanned Aerial System) are ever-more demanded and our Drone Pilot Course in Málaga offers the training to obtain the official qualification as AESA/EASA STS Professional Drone Pilot.

In Spain, the organisation that regulates the professional use of drones throughout the entire national territory is the Spanish Aviation Safety Agency, most commonly known as AESA. With Aerodynamics’ course, you can get the necessary knowledge and licence to achieve your certification, thereby developing your professional career by working as a drone pilot.

The course is directed to either those who want to pursue a professional career or use it merely for fun, as its scope is wide: it can be used by photographers, topographers, private security companies, rescue teams, public security bodies, search and rescue teams, etc.

It is also aimed at new professionals who want to develop their careers by flying drones into the airspace, given that it is required to have a prior, regulated, solid training in order to do this.

Drone Pilot Course:

Theoretical and Practical Training

    In Aerodynamics Academy we provide you with all the knowledge on the subject, support, and other internal progress tests for you to successfully pass AESA’s official drone pilot assessments.

    Our methodology is based on an ongoing evaluation system, in which we allow you to design your course with individualised theoretical training. 

    For the mandatory practical portion of the drone pilot course, you can make use of our facilities in Málaga. The theoretical part is delivered completely online, so all you need is Internet access. The UAS Radio operator course will be part of the training, as it is mandatory for the professional use of drones.

    Drones are becoming more widespread due to their range of use in different sectors, and companies are implementing drones more and more for various purposes.

    Curso drones

    Obtaining the official AESA/EASA STS Professional Drone Pilot certification will enable you to fly your drone in both open and specific categories for standard scenarios (STS-01 and STS-02), with a recognised accreditation.

    This AESA certified course warrants thorough training as well as access to specific instruction. We conduct personalised follow-ups continuously, which will help you get your training on track.

    This will allow you to obtain, through AESA’s official exam, the theoretical certificate of professional UAS (Unmanned Aerial System) pilot.

    Benefits Of The Drone Pilot Course

      • AESA (Spanish) and EASA (European) official certification to pilot drones of up to 25kg
      • Online training in our platform, tailored to suit our drone pilot course
      • Tailor-made financing
      • UAS Radio operator course included in the training package. This course is mandatory for those who intend to make professional use of drones. 

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