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E-ATO Center 226 authorized by AESA under EASA regulations

Aerodynamics Academy offers you a course for obtaining your AESA/EASA STS professional drone pilot qualification. Study with us and get ready to work with all the training and licences you need to be a professional drone pilot.

Curso de drones

Drones, or UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems) as they are also known, are being used in an ever-increasing variety of ways for commercial purposes, and our pilot school in Málaga, with over 23 years’ experience training professional pilots, is the best place to get all the qualifications and knowledge you need.

In Spain, the body responsible for regulating the professional use of drones is the Spanish Aviation Safety and Security Agency (AESA).

This course is designed for photographers, topographers, public and private safety companies, search and rescue teams and new professionals who are looking for new ways to do their job through the use of drones. Here you will receive training to obtain your official drone pilot licence.

If you are looking for an experienced and internationally renowned drone pilot school, then you have come to the right place.

We provide you with all the material, knowledge, help and support that you need to pass the official AESA drone pilot exam, as well as our internal progress exams for drone pilots.

In addition, we have excellent facilities in Málaga where you will receive all the knowledge and practice necessary to pass our drone pilot course.

Official drone pilot course advantages

Our drone course in Málaga is the perfect choice for you

Do you want to complete certified drone training in Málaga at the best possible centre? At Aerodynamics Academy, we are waiting for you.

Our professional drone pilot course will ensure you pass the AESA exam, permitting you to fly your drone in the STS 1 and STS 2 standard scenarios of the specific category.

The theory is completed entirely online, so all you need is an internet connection.

This course, which is fully certified by AESA, provides you with a comprehensive training manual and additional tutorials. In addition, you will benefit from personalised monitoring at all times to help you properly focus on your studies. Our methodology is based on a continuous evaluation system through which you can design your own course, choosing the theory training that best suits your needs.

This allows you to obtain the official professional UAS (Unmanned Aerial System) pilot certification upon completion of the official AESA exam.

We offer accommodation to all students who require it, located in breathtaking surroundings on the Costa del Sol and just a short journey from the city centre. Our school provides quality training that is fully certified.

Upon completion of the course, you will be fully equipped with the certification and knowledge you need to guarantee success in the professional world of unmanned aviation.

Study at the best drone school in Málaga and enjoy a flexible schedule. You will be perfectly prepared for your official theory exam so that you can attain your professional drone pilot theory certificate in no time at all.

In the EU, there is a specific category for drone pilot training. This official qualification will allow you to fly drones in the STS 1 and STS 2 specific categories in all EU member states.

Here in Spain, as in the rest of the world, seeing drones hovering in the airspace is an increasingly common occurrence. Whether at the beach, in the countryside or for professional purposes such as photography, topography, public security, armed security forces, private security companies, search and rescue teams, or simply for leisure.

In order to undertake any of these activities, you must first pass the AESA official drone pilot exam at our facilities in Málaga. We have helped hundreds of students achieve their dreams over the last few years. Do you want to be next?

One of the school’s outstanding features is the high degree of monitoring and attention that our students receive as part of their educational experience.

In a special setting with an unrivalled aeronautics environment, you will have performance and progress evaluations prior to sitting the AESA official drone pilot exam, ensuring that you are fully prepared to pass with flying colours.

Drone course practical training in Málaga

Aerodynamics Academy’s advanced drone course in Málaga offers you practical training that covers all aspects of the theory that you have learnt and helps you master your skills as a professional drone pilot.

Our globally renowned school will immerse you in an excellent educational environment for the wide range of courses we provide in the world of aviation. We have trained thousands of students who chose our Málaga facilities based on the quality of the training provided and the delightful setting in which you can live while you study.

By studying our exclusive course and becoming a professional drone pilot, you will discover a host of opportunities in a wide range of professional sectors. Your training will be led by qualified instructors and mechanics who boast a wealth of experience in the field. You will receive the best practical training on the drone course at our top-class facilities in Málaga.

What is included in Aerodynamics’ drone course?

The cost of the UAS drone pilot licence course and licence

The choice to study at a prestigious, world-class school in a privileged location such as Málaga is entirely up to you.

Pay for the whole course in one go and enjoy a discount.

Otherwise, , you can enjoy the flexibility of payment in monthly instalments.

Aerodynamics Academy is an AESA-approved drone pilot training school

This is a key point. Our aviation school, Aerodynamics Academy (E-ATO-226), is certified by the Spanish Aviation Safety and Security Agency (AESA) and complies with European Union Aviation Safety Agency (AESA) regulations.

This makes us a leader in aeronautical training in Spain. As a result, we have agreements with some of the best airlines in the country, who place their trust in our students and choose our facilities to train their cabin crew and pilots.

If you want to attain a professional qualification and find work in the European aeronautics job market, get in touch with Aerodynamics Academy in Málaga and find out how you can become a professional drone pilot by taking one of our courses.

Train as a professional drone pilot at a certified ATO

In order to work as a paid professional in compliance with all legal requirements, you must have a certificate issued by a national aeronautics authority which authorises the operator to perform specific UAS operations.

In the case of UAS, this can only be achieved at an ATO certified by an operator.

In the aeronautics sector, an ATO stands for Approved Training Organisation.

In the aeronautics sector, an ATO is a centre that is permitted by each country’s relevant competent authority to provide educational and training services, whether theoretical or practical.

In Spain, centres are granted ATO status in part by the Spanish Aviation Safety and Security Agency (AESA) and they act as an official guarantee of quality education in the world of UAS or drones.

Official professional drone pilot course: frequently asked questions

Here you can find information on possible job opportunities once you have completed the drone course, the different types of aircraft that you can man with each level of training, and in which countries other than Spain you will be able to use your licence.

We recommend spending at least 60 hours on the course; however, as it is taught online, you can take as long as you need based on your availability.

In order to attain the official drone pilot certificate, you will need to:

  • Be over 16 years of age
  • Have completed the basic drone pilot course (A1/A3), which is included free of charge Or hold the A2 open category certificate
  • Pass the AESA theory exam
  • Complete practical training at an AESA-recognised institution, i.e. Aerodynamics Academy

In order to be a professional drone pilot, you will need a professional drone pilot certificate (STS), certified and accredited by the Spanish Aviation Safety and Security Agency (AESA).

From 1st January 2021, the use of drones in both a professional and amateur context in Spain is regulated by Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2019/947 of 24th May 2019 on the rules and procedures for the operation of unmanned aircraft and Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2019/945 of 12th March 2019 on unmanned aircraft systems and on third-country operators of unmanned aircraft systems.

As they are European regulations, they affect all member states within the European Union and they apply to the use of drones both in a professional context and for leisure.

Therefore, your Spanish drone licence can also be used in any of the European Union members states.

This course will qualify you to operate drones that weigh up to 25 kg. These are the most common, widely known unmanned aircraft on the market.

These drones are lifted via propellers built into the ends of the wings. Each propeller is powered by a motor, providing excellent in-flight stability.

Unlike fixed-wing drones, multirotor drones can hover steadily over a single location. Rotary drones can be split up into subcategories depending on the number of wings or motors they have, and each type of drone requires a certificate to operate.

Once you are qualified to fly drones in a professional setting, there are many jobs that will require your services. And with the current growth in this emerging market, more and more companies are looking at the possibilities provided by drone use.

These include taking breathtaking photos or videos, carrying out topographical studies, performing public security work or use within the State security and armed forces. Even search and rescue teams use drones and unmanned aircraft in a variety of ways nowadays.

There are increasingly more commercial drones in the airspace, and it is just a matter of time until this type outnumbers consumer or prosumer drones.

Professional drone pilot numbers have grown considerably, and their use in the professional world is now common across countless sectors and jobs, particularly in photography, videography, vigilance and rescue.

Sectors such as audiovisual TV production, advertising and cinema are now taking advantage of drones to capture impressive images from previously impossible vantage points, meaning that the demand for professional drone pilots has continued to grow in these fields.

Likewise, photography, topography and other industries are also benefiting from the huge possibilities provided by the use of drones.

We hope that you have found all the information you were searching for on Aerodynamics Academy’s drone course in Málaga. If you have any other doubts or questions, please get in touch with us via our website.

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