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Certified by AESA as an E-ATO 226 centre meeting EASA regulations.

Welcome to Aerodynamics Academy, the Official Pilot School based in Málaga, Spain.

Located in the heart of the Costa del Sol, Aerodynamics is a top-class training centre for the aeronautics sector. Since 1998, we have become a flagship academy for national and international aviation companies alike, who choose us to train their pilots and crews.

Studying at Aerodynamics provides students with countless benefits, ranging from its excellent campus, its widespread implementation of the latest technology and flight simulators, to its privileged geographic and climatological location, guaranteeing unbeatable conditions for learning to fly.

Aerodynamics Academy is recognised as one of the best aeronautics educational centres in Andalusia and Spain, providing students with excellent training that provides them with unrivalled access to the European labour market.

Escuela aeronautica

Certified flight academy

Our aviation school (E-ATO-226) is certified by the Spanish Aviation Safety and Security Agency (AESA) and complies with European Union Aviation Safety Agency (AESA) regulations.

Aerodynamics offers you first-class aeronautics training

Our comprehensive aeronautics campus is one-of-a-kind in Europe. We boast a fleet of 17 aircraft, in addition to hangars where we perform our own maintenance and offer high-quality training. Our facilities feature the latest technology, and students can make full use of the most cutting-edge flight simulators on the market, such as the MPS A320 FTD-1. This allows our students to train on the most technologically advanced simulators available, which are able to perfectly recreate real situations to help them perfect their flying experience and prepare them for a successful career as a commercial pilot or cabin crew member.



Get to know our CAMPUS

Discover the Aerodynamics Academy facilities in Vélez-Málaga. The classrooms are equipped with the latest technology geared specifically to teaching aeronautics, as well as briefing rooms, flight and cabin crew simulators, while not forgetting the extensive fleet of aircraft, equipped with the very latest in avionics. Aerodynamics boasts the most comprehensive aeronautics simulation centre in Europe. For training pilots, it has the FNPT II MCC ALSIM AL200 and the latest-generation FTD A320 APS MCC manufactured by SIMLOC. Cabin crew students will be trained with door and window simulators for the most widely used aircraft (Boeing 737 NG, Airbus A320/330 and Boeing 787 Dreamliner), as well as a spectacular wide body, twin-aisle Boeing 787 Dreamliner passenger cabin simulator, with authentic evacuation slides. Aeronautical mechanic students can practice on the real aircraft in our fleet and perform real-world operations that they will have to complete in their future jobs. Come and discover our campus!

We have been working in the aeronautics sector since 1998. As a result, we have become synonymous with excellence, the number one choice for national and international aviation companies alike.

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