The government delegate in Andalusia, Pedro Fernández Peñalver has been visiting the Aerodynamics Academy flight School

The Delegate of the Government of Spain for Andalusia, Pedro Fernández, was visiting our flight school located in Vélez Málaga, in the Parque Tecnoalimentario. They have been joined by the new Subdelegate of the Government in Malaga, Javier Salas, the Mayor of Vélez-Málaga, Antonio Moreno Ferrer and the First Deputy Mayor, Jesús Pérez Atencia.

Also, there were on the visit the councilor for business and employment and the Tecnoalimentario Park, María José Roberto, as well as Juan Manuel Martín, Manager of our aeronautical training school Aerodynamics Academy.

During the visit, they have been taking a tour of the Aerodynamics Academy facilities, where they have been able to verify the quality of the new facilities and the effort made by the professionals that make up our school every day, as well as the latest generation technology used in the learning all our students of Pilot, Cabin Crew (TCP) and Aeronautical Mechanics.

They have taken a walk through our wonderful door simulators, keys for the training of flight attendants, they were also in the fire rooms, with simulations of smoke and real fire and the first aid room and, of course, they walked through our cockpit simulator, an exact replica of a Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

Pedro Fernández at Aerodynamics Academy flight school

They were also able to test the magnificent A320 simulator, manufactured by Simloc, where aspiring pilots carry out their internships prior to obtaining the title of Commercial Pilot. They were also able to test our other simulator, the Alsim where our students train navigation and flight procedures.

The government delegate stressed that “this international pilot school and its flight simulators are an example of an Andalusian company at the forefront of the sector of comprehensive training for aircraft crews, from pilots to mechanics.”

Aerodynamics Academy is located on the Costa del Sol and is a first-rate training center in the aviation sector. Since 1998 they have turned it into a reference academy for national and international airlines, who choose it to train their pilots, flight attendants and mechanics. Like the Norwegian crews, who train at Aerodynamics Academy flight school.

Flight Campus in Costa del Sol


Our Aviation Campus is unique throughout Europe. With a fleet of 17 airplanes, fully equipped hangars where we carry out our own maintenance, which ensures our students fly 7 days a week and have quality training. In our facilities, we have state-of-the-art technology, as well as the most cutting-edge simulators on the market, such as our FTD1 A320, available to all students. This allows our students to carry out their training and studies in the most technologically advanced simulators on the market, capable of perfectly recreating real situations that can occur during the flight and that help them to perfect their experience, professionally preparing them for a solid career, such as commercial aviation pilots or cabin crew or aeronautical mechanics in the case of the real planes in our hangars.

Studying at Aerodynamics Academy offers many advantages to students, both for its excellent campus and a large number of simulators and state-of-the-art technology, which we have already discussed and for its privileged geographical and climatic situation, which guarantees unbeatable conditions for the flight practice. It should be noted the great value that students give to our instructors and academic staff, always attentive to the needs of the student and motivating them to achieve new goals in their training.

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