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Have you recently become a PPL (Private Pilot Licence) holder and want to become an airline pilot?

In Aerodynamics Academy you can train to obtain the CPL (Commercial Pilot Licence.) With these options, we can help you speed the process along to get you to the next training phase.


The added benefits of this pilot course module are the exceptional climate of Costa del Sol region in Málaga, the possibility to visit the main airports in the south of Spain, and the ability to complete all the necessary requirements for your advanced flight training in the shortest possible time, therefore obtaining your EASA Commercial Pilot Licence.


Time Building

The time building or flight experience phase is the most important one to becoming a pilot.


If you are an EASA private pilot licence holder and you are looking to build your flight time, extend your knowledge and develop your pilot skills, in Aerodynamics Academy we offer the possibility to do it in the shortest possible time.


You can fly up to 100 hours in only 6 weeks. The time building period doesn’t have to be dull, long, or expensive.


  • Meteorological conditions
  • Large fleet of aircraft
  • Accelerated training
  • Hours from Monday to Sunday
  • Affordable all-inclusive rates

Night Rating

The Night Rating is an endorsement that enables the pilot to fly at night. It is one of the most thrilling parts of the commercial pilot training.

Landing at night in big airports while enjoying the incredible views is an unforgettable experience in itself. EASA’s Night Rating course will allow you to fly at night under VFR (Visual Flight Rules) conditions. This course is required to obtain the Instrument Rating (IR.)


The elements of VFR Night Rating (NR VFR) are:

  • 4 hours of ground training
  • 5 hours of flight training over 2 nights


A-UPRT is the advanced training of prevention and recovery of an aircraft, which combines theoretical knowledge with in-flight training.


This course is instrumental in acquiring the knowledge and skills needed for the pilot to anticipate and avoid losing control of the plane during flight, and to develop the most accurate techniques to recover from the adverse situations that can arise from involuntarily exceeding the aircraft’s standard parameters.


The elements of the A-UPRT course are:

  • 5 hours of ground training
  • 3 hours of flight training 


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