New pilot on board at Aerodynamics Academy

Aerodynamics more than a Pilot School

This week our dear student Natalia from Malaga obtained her commercial pilot’s license after two years of study and dozens of practical hours.


What are ATPL licences?

ATPL (Airline Transport Pilot License) are the acronyms used to name the Airline Transport Pilot License.

At the Aerodynamics Academy you can obtain the ATPL Frozen license, and you will be able to fly as a first officer on commercial airlines.

Once you have completed 1,500 flight hours in multi-crew aircraft with passengers, you will be able to obtain the ATPL in its “full” or “frozen” modality, which will enable you to fly as pilot-in-command in commercial passenger aircraft.

The ATPL licenses that you will be able to obtain once you have passed the course at the Aerodynamics Academy are recognized by the European Union (EASA), so you will be prepared to work in airlines in any country in Europe.

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Natalia has a brilliant record

New Pilot on board at Aerodynamics Academy


We are very proud of our student, since she has obtained an excellent academic result, and the fact is that, although in this career, in which men have predominated in number, it is increasingly demanded by women.

Aerodynamics Academy students are noted for their motivation, involvement, and detail orientation.

Passion to fly

Natalia tells us that her mother is a stewardess, and since she was very little she has traveled a lot.

She confesses that more than once he has sneaked into the cockpit to observe how true aviation professionals do their work.

Natalia loves to travel, she told us that this Christmas she was in nothing more and nothing less than in three different countries! She is lucky enough to accompany her mother while she works, and at only 20 years old she has already traveled halfway around the world.


Goal Nº 1: Study English

Obviously, this student speaks English perfectly, like the rest of her classmates.

For those who do not know, mastering the English language is essential since this profession is based on transporting goods or passengers from one country to another, and for this reason, English is the first option in communication between professionals in this guild.

The commercial pilot course lasts approximately two years and requires a lot of effort, since it is a profession with a lot of responsibility, and for this reason, the knowledge acquired includes various technical subjects.

Our ATPL(A) Transport Airline Pilot Theory Course is made up of fourteen subjects:

  • Air Legislation / Law
  • Human factors
  • Loading and Centering
  • Operational Procedures
  • Communications
  • Aircraft performance
  • Flight Principles
  • Flight Planning and Control
  • General Navigation
  • Meteorology
  • Systems (AGK Aircraft General Knowledge)
  • Instruments
  • Radionavigation (PBN)
  • KSA (Knowledge, Skills & Attitudes)

Love to Fly

Natalia told us that what she likes the most is the feeling of flying while taking control of the controls, she still has a few hours of flight left, so she can continue enjoying this amazing flight experience.

In addition, she wants to continue training and developing different disciplines with ATPL training and thus be able to become a top driver.

The Aerodynamics Academy offers various courses and professional careers in the aeronautics sector, and not only with that, it offers flight hours to practice freely.


Campus Aerodynamics Academy

Our student highlighted the new equipment and facilities that she has enjoyed at the new Vélez Málaga campus, in addition to the experiences she has had with her classmates.

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