Multi-Engine Instrument Rating & PBN (MEIR)


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Centro E-ATO 226 autorizado por AESA bajo normativa EASA

Multi enginer


This MEP (land) class rating allows you to pilot a multi-engine piston land aircraft, as well as act as a pilot-in-command (PIC) on multi-engine single-pilot certified aircraft.


– Theory: 8 hours
– Flight: 6 hours in a multi-engine plane and practical exam

The duration of the course is 4-5 days.

Instrument flight rating

The course is performed on multi-engine BEECHCRAFT DUCHEESS under instruments conditions, which means that you will be certified to fly in IMC (adverse meteorological situations) that require flying according to instrument references instead of external visual references.


– Theory: 8 hours.
– Training in FNTP II simulator: 40 hours.
– Multi-Engine BEECHCRAFT DUCHEESS: 15 hours.
– FTD1 A320 simulator: 3 hours (PBN)
– Skill test
– Duration 7 – 8 weeks.

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