LMA, la profesión del futuro

Aircraft Maintenance Technician LMA course. Are we facing the profession of the future?

Since 1970, the number of commercial flights has increased steadily until 2021, the year in which there was a break caused by the COVID19 crisis.

This is only a small bump since the International Air Transport Association, and Tourisim economics, assure that after the unforeseen Covid19, there will be a global increase in the number of passengers.

Long-term forecasts are for a 5% increase in travelers to pre-COVID levels, and by 2030 the number of travelers is expected to have increased to 5.6 billion per year.

Studying any degree with the aeronautical sector is insurance for the future. Therefore, the aircraft maintenance technician course may be the ideal qualification.

An aeronautical technician is the professional responsible for inspecting and performing or supervising aircraft maintenance. Also the alteration of aircraft and aircraft systems to keep them in perfect working order.


The course has about 2400 teaching hours. They are divided into 2 years of training, both theoretical and practical. After completing the modules, a minimum of experience is required. Carrying out the certification in our school, in just 2 years of practice you will have your license as a certifier.

What would be the functions of an LMA?

Know the regulations.

Check the maintenance function according to the maintenance manual.

Collaborate with the maintenance management in the adjustment and improvement of the work.

Keep a record of duly classified repairs, as well as replacement times.

Diagnose and repair the various aircraft systems.

Along the job opportunities of the degree would also be: Private aviation, aerial photography and fumigation, aircraft and component manufacturing, work on oil platforms, with inspection and repair of power lines or civil contracts in the military administration among many others.

Finally, by studying the degree at the Aerodynamics Academy you will obtain the benefits of the school’s agreements with Ryanair and Next Airworthiness-ness Technics. It is an aircraft maintenance training organization based in Switzerland.

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