I edición de las Becas Carlos Salas para jóvenes pilotos

The Official College of Commercial Aviation Pilots (COPAC), the Spanish Union of Airline Pilots (Sepla) and Global Training Aviation (GTA) have created the 1st call for the Carlos Salas Scholarships for young pilots.

These are annual scholarships to facilitate financing for
new pilots to qualify for the aircraft type course.

Aerodynamics Academy collaborates with these scholarships so
that all those pilots who have just finished their studies and meet the
requirements can access this scholarship plan. Where are they published?


To access the call for these scholarships, it will be done through the websites of the companies that organize it. Scholarship applications will also be made from these websites. The selection process will be carried out by the study and award commission




Secondly, you have to pass some requiriments:

  • Have European nationality.
  • Have the EBAU test approved.
  • Have obtained the CPL / ATPL pilot license in the 36 months prior to the 2022 call date.
  • Be in possession of the EASA class 1 medical certificate
  • Possess a letter of recommendation from the center where they were trained.
  • Meet the prerequisites to access a type HT at CTA before the start of the selection process for scholarships.
  • Authorization to the organizing entities to share data.


 Selection process:

3 variables will be taken into account for the selection.

The training, qualifications and economic environment, a personal interview and a simulator test.


The deadline to present the scholarships will be before July 15, 2022


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