Curiosities about pilots

Did you know these 6 curiosities about pilots 🧐

Being a pilot is not just driving a plane from point A to point B. Within this world we find a lot of curiosities about their attire, hierarchy or even food.

On the shoulders of the pilots we will see a characteristic badge. A few gallons that always accompany them on their trips. A pilot can carry two, three and four chevrons on his shoulders, in addition the fourth chevron can be accompanied by a star, which means that you are also a commander.

Pilots who wear two stripes are in training or have just joined a company. Those who carry three stripes are co-pilots, and those with four are first drivers. And according to the gallons, or what is the same, the experience and the flight hours, you occupy one position or another inside the cockpit.

The layout in the cabin also follows an order, and that is that we will always see the captain of the plane sitting on the left, and the first pilot or co-pilot on the right.

The understanding between both pilots must be maximum except for meals. Each pilot eats a different meal. This is so in case a meal is in poor condition and avoid intoxication of both pilots.

Do Pilots Eat In The Cockpit?

Yes, it is true that airplanes fly by themselves. Today very little manual flying is done. Although take off and landing is always done manually.

The commander of the plane is always the highest authority, this has been established for years according to the laws through the Tokyo and Montreal conventions. Spain is governed by the Criminal and Procedural Law of Air Navigation and the Law of Air Navigation.

Finally, being a pilot is not only about getting a license, you also have to maintain it. We are required to pass simulators and emergency scenarios every 6 months.

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