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E-ATO Center 226 authorized by AESA under EASA regulations

If this is your dream, choose the option that best combines your passion with your career. Study at our school and become a flight attendant or cabin crew member on commercial flights, one of the careers with the greatest levels of employability.

As well as being a certified and internationally renowned aeronautics training centre, Aerodynamics Academy is also approved by the Spanish Ministry of Development and the Spanish Aviation Safety and Security Agency (AESA) as E-ATO centre number 226, in accordance with AESA regulations, meaning that the content of our flight attendant course strictly adheres to the cabin crew programme established by AESA. The aeronautics school is certified by the Spanish Aviation Safety and Security Agency and the Spanish Ministry of Development.

Our academy is located in the province of Málaga, with centres in the cities of Málaga and Marbella, in addition to our own aeronautics campus situated next to Vélez-Málaga Airport.

If it is your dream to become an airline cabin crew member, get in touch with us and we will make it come true!

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Advantages of the flight attendant course

What does the flight attendant course cover?

Aerodynamics Academy provides you with comprehensive training so that you can become a cabin crew member, covering all areas to ensure you are fully prepared for your future job, running side-by-side with an exclusive training system just for flight attendants which will help you start working for an airline as soon as possible.

The theoretical aspect of being a flight attendant comprises the following areas:

  • General knowledge of aviation
  • Aeronautics regulations
  • Human factors
  • Passenger assistance
  • General aspects of aviation safety
  • Hazardous goods
  • Aeronautical medicine and first aid

As part of the practical side of flight attendant training, students carry out exercises corresponding to common activities that they will need for their job, such as emergency situations, which will previously have been studied in the theory classes.

  • Survival
  • Fire and smoke training
  • Flight simulator
  • On-board service
  • Swimming

All water-based practicals will take place in an AESA-certified swimming pool under the instruction of Aerodynamics monitors. These practical exercises include simulations of real-life situations, such as towing those stranded in water and performing lifesaving techniques, CPAP, and boarding and launching life rafts.

At Aerodynamics Academy you will receive extra training to help you with interviews when you start applying for your future job as a flight attendant. This includes:
Aviation protocol

  • Personal appearance and image
  • English for aeronautics
  • Executive aviation module
  • Private aviation module

And other subjects that will help you throughout your career in aeronautics. Do you want to find out more? Get in touch with our advisor:

Miguel Ángel Casado
(+34) 722 666 006

Requirements to take the flight attendant course in Spain

The flight attendance course has some minimum requirements, and you must:

  • Be over 18 years of age
  • Hold at least a high school diploma
  • Have basic knowledge of English
  • Have a class 2 medical certificate

Advantages of completing the flight attendant course in Málaga with Aerodynamics Academy

There are lots of benefits to studying the flight attendant course in Málaga with Aerodynamics.

  • On our course, the classes are given by active professionals from the aeronautics sector, such as commercial pilots, flight attendants, doctors and psychologists, providing your with more future job opportunities than other schools.
  • At a single centre, Aerodynamics provides training in various aeronautics careers, so students on the flight attendant course will have the opportunity to get to know and live alongside students from other courses, such as commercial and private pilots and maintenance technicians, who are also on their way to becoming professionals and may one day be your colleagues.
  • You will be able to train closer to home thanks to our centres in the cities of Málaga and Marbella, in addition to our modern facilities at our 62,000-square-metre aeronautics campus next to Vélez-Málaga Airport, which provides future flight attendants with the best resources in an environment where both students and teachers are passionate about flying.
  • Flight practicals are completed in flight simulators which contain all the real areas of an aircraft, from the passenger cabin to the kitchen and bathroom, allowing the recreation of real specific situations that may occur during any flight.
  • As part of our flight attendant course, students can also take full advantage of something that very few other schools offer: a module giving them an introduction to being a pilot and a real initiation flight with an instructor.
  • In our more than 23 years’ experience we have trained countless flight attendants and cabin crew members, the vast majority of whom have gone on to work for airlines in over 30 different countries.

More information about the flight attendant course

Here are the answers to some of the most common doubts and questions regarding the flight attendant course. If you would like to ask us something else, get in touch with us. We will be happy to explain in as much detail as necessary.

The flight attendant licence allows you to work for any airline in Europe. At Aerodynamics Academy, thanks to our comprehensive flight attendant course, we can prepare you for the selection process used by commercial airlines, so that you can easily find a job once you have finished your training.

In addition, the flight attendant licence will allow you to work not just as a cabin crew member on an aircraft, but also in other sectors, such as rail.

Aerodynamics Academy’s flight attendant course covers theory and practical training in our state-of-the-art flight simulators. You will receive all the training you need so that you can be hired by an airline anywhere in Europe.

The flight attendant training course at Aerodynamics Academy includes:

  • Theory training
  • Practical training
  • Course material
  • On-board flight attendant uniform
  • Flight simulator module
  • Course on dealing with difficult passengers
  • Course on introduction to being a pilot
  • Course on English for aeronautics
  • Exam fees
  • Curriculum vitae preparation
  • Preparation for one-to-one interviews
  • Information on recruitment at different airlines
  • Career path monitoring

Being a flight attendant is a very important job, as your work has a direct influence on whether or not the flight is safe and comfortable for both the passengers and the crew. It is flight attendants’ responsibility to ensure passenger safety and respond to their requests throughout the flight. In addition, they are also the pilot’s eyes in the passenger cabin.

Flight attendants have a very specific role, ranging from preventive functions, such as checking the emergency material and equipment, to making sure that the doors, lights, ramps, stairs and seatbelts for every seat are in perfect condition.

In addition, during the flight, they must communicate with passengers and make them aware of any information that the pilot needs to pass on to them, perform the pre-flight safety demonstration, ensure that passengers adequately follow safety instructions, deal with them in a friendly manner and, when the time comes, serve them their food and drink. They must also provide first aid in the event of an accident during the flight and deal with any risk that may occur, such as putting out a fire.

During emergency situations, flight attendants are directly responsible for evacuating passengers from the flight in a safe, timely manner. Cabin crew must open the doors of the aircraft, help passengers put on the lifesaving equipment and give them precise instructions when preparing for a forced landing.

In addition, being a flight attendant means having a job that is full of perks and possibilities which will enable you to travel while you work, or work while you travel. In order that they can travel outside of their working hours, some companies offer cabin crew the chance to fly for free on their own flights or even on those of other companies that they have an agreement with, with only the airport fees to pay. It is also common for them to offer their cabin crew a series of great discounts at hotels, gyms, spas and restaurants in cities all over the world.

Depending on the company you end up working for, you could even live in another country, discover other cultures and meet new people that you would never be able to meet in another job.

If you are a restless person who is itching to travel the world and you are not tied down to a particular city, this is the perfect profession for you. Do you want to find out more? Request information about the date of our next open day and get ready to be blown away by the benefits of studying your flight attendant course at Aerodynamics Academy.

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