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We are the only aeronautical school in Andalusia with Approved Simulators for your Flight Attendant practices
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If you love travelling, choose a career that will combine your passion with your profession: train to become a Cabin Crew for commercial aircraft.


Advantages of choosing Aerodynamics Academy to do your course


Cabin crew members, also known as flight attendants or hosts, develop an essential job in the aviation world, given that they are the professionals that have permanent and direct contact with passengers and who ensure the safety of the flight.

Our instructors, who have extensive experience in aviation and instruction, will train you to rapidly join the workforce and become a great professional.

During our 25 years of experience, we have trained a great number of flight attendants and cabin crew members who have mostly started working as such for airlines based in over 30 different countries.

The flight practices are carried out in simulators that recreate all areas within a plane in a real manner. From the passenger cabin to the kitchen or toilets, all the areas allow to perfectly recreate real-life situations that can arise during a flight. 

Moreover, within our Cabin Crew student training, we include something extra that only a few schools offer: an initial module of introduction to flying and a real initiation flight with an instructor.

Moreover, within our Cabin Crew student training, we include something extra that only a few schools offer: an initial module of introduction to flying and a real initiation flight with an instructor.

Most of practical activities are conducted at Aerodynamics Academy’s integral aeronautical training centre in Vélez Málaga. Our centre is unique in Andalucía, with an area designed for the practical part of our courses, which has been duly certified and is one of the most modern and complete in Europe.

In Aerodynamics, there is an atmosphere of camaraderie and familiarity. The shared passion for flying is what unites teachers and students. Students that will become future professionals in the aeronautical field to possibly turning into colleagues.

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Benefits of the Cabin Crew Course

  • Being a flight attendant guarantees amazing travel experiences, learning about new cultures and broadening your perspective on other countries.
  • The work environment in an airline is really diverse and allows you to meet many interesting people during each flight.
  • A Cabin Crew leads a life free of monotony, with no routines and full of new experiences to share after each flight.
  • Flight attendants have a highly respected profession at an international scale, good salaries, and advantageous benefits as a result of working in an airline
Flight attendant course / Cabin crew

What does the Cabin Crew Course consist of?

Aerodynamics Academy delivers a complete training programme to become a flight attendant, which includes the theoretical and practical training, plus specific instruction meant to fully prepare you to join the workforce in a European airline within the shortest possible time

In Aerodynamics Academy, we train you to learn first-aid techniques in-depth and put the manoeuvres of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) into practice. You will receive practical lessons in a swimming pool as well, where our instructors will teach you to properly board a life raft and rescue shipwrecked people, among other practices.

Aerodynamics Academy has been authorized as a centre by AESA (Spanish Aviation Safety Agency) and approved by the Ministry of Transportation, Mobility and Urban Agenda for our cabin courses. These include: the official Cabin Crew course, and the Unruly Passenger Management Certificate. The licence you obtain at our centre will therefore allow you to work in virtually every country in Europe.


Requirements to sign up for the Cabin Crew Course

  • 16 years of age or over
  • ESO Spanish education level or higher
  • basic knowledge of the English language
  • class 2 medical certificate

We offer diverse options of flexible financing for you to be able to access our courses in the most suitable way possible. That is why if your dream is to become part of the Cabin Crew members of an airline, you should contact us.

Many airlines already choose us, as Norwegian. We are in fact, the official training centre for their crew members.

More information about the Cabin Crew Course

Here we answer some of the most frequent questions about the cabin crew or flight attendant course.

If you have any question, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be delighted to explain everything to the last detail.

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