Aerodynamics academy celebrates today the 2nd anniversary of its headquarters at the axarquía aerodrome, in velez malaga

Time flies! Happy 2nd anniversary!
Today is a special day for all of us who form the Aerodynamics Academy.

Just two years ago today we can count on the facilities in which we are every day of our day and of which each person who arrives is delighted.
It has been a long road since it was founded in 1998, and today we can feel proud of having fulfilled a dream and having one of the best aeronautical training centers with unique facilities in Europe.
Aerodynamics has been in operation for 24 years, since it began its activity in 1998, although it had previously functioned as an aeroclub. The first facilities were located at Malaga Airport, where it was later moved to the capital.
Aerodynamics has become the reference company for airlines from all countries and is recognized as one of the largest centers of aeronautical education in Europe.
Throughout its history, it has been incorporating new training courses such as stewardess courses, drone pilot courses or aircraft maintenance technician courses.
His forecast for the coming years is to continue growing. The creation of a student residence on land adjacent to its facilities and the incorporation of new simulators and state-of-the-art aircraft will be the key point to be a European reference in pilot schools.
Haven’t you come to see our facilities yet? No problem, you will always be invited to see it, in addition, an Open Day is coming up where you can enjoy it and be able to ascertain for yourself what you can find in our center, which you will surely not forget.
Sounds great, right? But there has also been a lot of sacrifice behind getting to this day where we celebrate our second anniversary. Fulfilling this dream has meant a constant struggle to improve, in addition to dealing with the situation that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused.

This situation hit us but it couldn’t stop us, and this is due to our desire and daily efforts to keep moving forward and be the best center.
All this has been the beginning and we left behind the aftermath of this pandemic to take off like each of our aircraft. We cannot fail to thank all those who have accompanied us in this process up to today.

Definitely today is the second anniversary of many.

Do you want to know a little more about our facilities?

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