Airport Operations Technician

This course is aimed at all those who want to work in the aeronautical field and on the ground side of any airport.

Combine passion with profession

Aerodynamics Academy gives you the opportunity to learn how to work as an airport operations technician. 

Our centre is ranked as one of the best in Europe. We are the official training centre that many companies, such as Norwegian Airlines, choose to train their personnel in. Therefore, you will have more opportunities to access the aeronautical sector with an unparalleled, first-class professional training.

If managing airport operations is something you want to pursue, we will deliver the necessary training in ground operations to give assistance to flights. 

Aerodynamics is the only andalusian training centre whose facilities, simulators and courses have been certified by the Spanish Aviation Safety Agency (AESA), under the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) regulations. This allows for the recognition and validation of the issued licences across the European Union, plus other countries. 

In the hands of the best professionals 

Our instructors, who have extensive experience in aviation and instruction, will train you to rapidly join the workforce and become a great professional.

Additionally, we will keep you appraised at all times of Open Days and recruitments that airlines and the most important handling companies nationally and internationally are conducting. 


Who is this course directed to?

The Airport Operations Technician course is aimed at those people who are interested in working in the aviation realm, but on the side of ground operations of an airport.

Their duties include:

  • revenue management
  • boarding
  • passenger services
  • incident and information desks management
  • handling coordination and control on the runway and regarding passengers
  • coordination of aircraft start-up and tow procedures
  • coordination of assistance services for flight operations upon arrival and departure from the airport
  • supervision of the timely and due compliance of agreed services

Requirements of access to the airport operations technician course

  • 18 years of age by the start of the course
  • current and valid ID or passport
  • ESO Spanish education level or superior
  • client-oriented mindset
  • knowledge of the English language

    What do we offer?

      The Airport Operations Technician course is delivered in our premises, located in Málaga city. During your period of studies, you will also get to visit our Aerodynamics Academy training center in Vélez-Málaga (Málaga.) 

      Aerodynamics Academy assumes the costs of its students’ commute to the training centre.

      Other activities and aspects of Aerodynamics Academy’s special training programme:

      • we organise seminars led by former students that are already working for airlines
      • we arrange academic visits to the Aeronautical Museum of Málaga
      • we make follow-ups and indefinite job counselling

      At the end of the programme and after passing the assessments, the student obtains:

      • Airport Operations Technician Certificate
      • Aeronautical English Certificate
      • MMPP Certificate
      • AVSEC (Aviation Security) Certificate: physical security within the airport environment.

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