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Aeronautics maintenance course in Málaga

Do you want to become part of an essential activity in the aeronautics sector? Become an aircraft maintenance technician; a greatly sought-after position both nationally and internationally. If you are looking for your future career, you will be pleased to know that aircraft maintenance is key for all aviation companies and, once the pandemic is over, the aeronautics sector will return to its state of constant growth for the foreseeable future.

An aircraft technician is responsible for inspecting and performing or supervising maintenance and alteration work on aircraft in order to keep them in perfect working order. When you consider that a company loses money when its aircraft are grounded, their maintenance is an essential activity for thousands of companies, and it is necessary to guarantee the airworthiness of their aircraft and their in-flight safety.

Through the maintenance course from Aerodynamics, held at its aeronautics training centre in Málaga, you will obtain the professional qualification awarded by EASA.

Curso mecánico aeronautico

Aeronautics maintenance technician course advantages

What does the aircraft maintenance technician course cover?

An aircraft maintenance technician is in charge of undertaking scheduled and non-scheduled maintenance on the aircraft’s engines, structure and systems. They are also fully qualified to manufacture and assemble aircraft components.

In order to reach the necessary level of qualification, our maintenance technician course is taught over 2,400 hours and prepares students to work on and maintain all parts of an aircraft’s systems.

At Aerodynamics Academy we will prepare you for the theoretical side of the aircraft maintenance licence, which is made up of 1,440 hours in 13 modules and their corresponding official exams, helping you obtain the AML B1.1 (turbine aircraft) and AML B2 (avionics) licences. Each have 10 common modules and 3 specific modules.

The practical training for both licences at Aerodynamics Academy will allow you to complete your training and obtain the necessary qualifications to sign off on repairs, thus achieving a higher professional category.

It is worth remembering that passing the various exams for the modules is not sufficient on its own to obtain your aircraft maintenance licence. Before you attain your AML, you must demonstrate two years’ experience in aircraft maintenance, depending on the training you already have and the category you have chosen.

Aircraft maintenance technician course in Spain

The AML B1 and B2 licences allow you to work as an officially qualified aircraft maintenance technician.

These are issued by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and will qualify you to issue certificates of fitness for service and act as support staff in the corresponding category throughout the sector, in accordance with EASA directives (Europe, South America and part of Asia).

The aircraft maintenance licence is a qualification regulated by the Spanish civil aviation authority (Dirección General de Aviación Civil) and complies with European regulations, making it valid throughout the continent.

At Aerodynamics Academy we will train you in the following sub-categories of the European aircraft maintenance licence (AML):

Category B1: You will be able to issue certificates of release to service following certain maintenance operations, such as work on the aircraft’s structure, engines and mechanical and electrical systems. Category B1 is divided into four sub-categories:

  • B1.1: Turbine aircraft
  • B1.2: Piston-engine aircraft
  • B1.3: Turbine helicopters
  • B1.4: Piston-engine helicopters

Each B1 sub-category includes the corresponding A-licence sub-category.

Category B2: This allows you to issue certificates of release to service once the corresponding maintenance work has been completed on electronics and avionics systems, in addition to electronics and avionics work on engines and mechanical systems that require verification, scheduled line maintenance and defect rectification work.

The category-B2 licence does not include any A-licence sub-category.

What is the role of an aircraft maintenance technician?

The following duties are among the many responsibilities of an airline maintenance technician:

  • Be familiar with regulations.
  • Review the maintenance function in accordance with the maintenance manual.
  • Work with maintenance management in order to tweak and improve the tasks.
  • Keep a register of duly classified repairs as well as replacement times.
  • Diagnose and repair the various systems on an aircraft.

Further information about the aircraft maintenance technician course

  • How long does the training last?
  • What learning approaches are employed?

The full aircraft maintenance technician training course requires a total of 2,400 hours, 1,440 of which are theory and 960 of which are practical.

You can obtain your licence in approximately two years, allowing you to subsequently work at aeronautics construction or maintenance companies.

Both the theory and practical training are completed at the Aerodynamics Academy campus located next to Vélez-Málaga Airport, with classes being given in the Aerodynamics classrooms and the practical aspect in the academy’s hangars, home to our very own fleet of aircraft.

Students learn in-person at our modern facilities in Vélez-Málaga.

This includes a 960-hour placement in our private hangars located at Axarquía Airport.

There is also the possibility of completing a modular course which can be done online.

Best climate in Europe

On our campus it is possible to fly almost 365 days a year

Frequently asked questions

In order to enrol on Aerodynamics Academy’s AML, you will need to meet the following requirements:

  • Be over 18 years of age
  • Hold a high school diploma
  • Basic knowledge of English

Upon completion of the aircraft maintenance technician course, there are lots of different possibilities. Some of them include:

  • Commercial air carriers (passenger or cargo)
  • Part-147 maintenance centres
  • Private aviation
  • Aerial work: photography, spraying, reconnaissance, etc.
  • Public services: police, health, customs, fire, etc.
  • Oil platforms, inspection and repair of electricity power lines
  • Aircraft and component manufacturing
  • Part maintenance, such as engines, instruments and avionics or equipment, furniture and upholstery.
  • Paints and repairs
  • Certification and modifications in design organisations
  • Manufacture and calibration of tools
  • Civil contracts in military administration

The geographical area of application of the AML covers:

  • The entire EU + other European countries (38 in total)
  • All European companies, wherever they operate
  • Bilateral agreements with the USA, Canada and others
  • Asia, South America and Africa all have well-established opportunities

Aerodynamics Academy is located on its own private campus next to Vélez-Málaga Airport, where it features all its own facilities, including a hangar which is home to its own fleet of aircraft used by students to practice their maintenance skills.

The close relationship between Aerodynamics and the main airlines that operate at the airport offers a considerable advantage to our students, as they are able to undertake placements while studying and can also easily find work upon graduation.

At Aerodynamics Academy, a Part-147 centre, you can receive your AML licence in just two years.

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