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Aerodynamics formacion de pilotos

Pilot Training

Aerodynamics Academy proposes a training offer adapted to the most demanded professions in the aviation sector.


It is approved by the State Aviation Safety Agency (AESA) with center number E-ATO226 and E-ATO314, and under EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) regulations.

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Aerodynamics tecnico mantenimiento de aeronaves

Aircraft Maintenance Technician

Aerodynamics Academy, a leading aviation school in Europe, prepares you to provide you with all the necessary knowledge to work on all aircraft systems and their maintenance

Aircraft Maintenance License (LMA) is one of the most demanded professions both nationally and internationally.

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Aerodynamics azafatas de vuelo

Flight attendants

If you love to travel, choose the option that best combines your passion with your profession, train to work as a TCP (Passenger Cabin Crew) on commercial aircraft.

Passenger Cabin Crew (TCP), also called flight attendants, or flight attendants, perform an essential job in the world of aviation.

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Aerodynamics tecnico de operaciones aeroportuarias toa

Airport Operations Technician

Aerodynamics Academy offers the opportunity to learn how to work inside an airport as an airport operations technician.

Our center is listed as one of the best in Europe. It is the official training center for numerous airlines such as Norwegian Airlines, so you will have more opportunities to enter the aeronautical sector with excellent training and a high professional level.

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Aerodynamics pilotos de drones

Drone Pilots

Drones or UAS (from the English Unmanned Aerial System) are used more and more every day and our Drones Malaga pilot course offers training to obtain the official STS AESA/EASA Professional Drones Pilot qualification.

This course is dedicated both professionally and for personal enjoyment, being also very useful for photographers, surveyors, public security, private security companies, rescue teams, search and rescue.

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