Aerodynamics offers the following services.

private pilot license

Private Pilot License

Complete course to obtain the Private Pilot’s License with Aerodynamics: theoretical and practical training, latest generation simulators.

commercial pilot

Airline Pilot License

Complete course from Aerodynamics to obtain a pilot’s license to work for the airlines: theoretical and practical training, latest generation simulators.

cabin crew

Cabin Crew

This course is aimed at people that hope to work on aircraft in a commercial settingforming part of the cabin crew.

drone course

Drone Course

This course is designed for professionals from different sectors, namely photographers, topographers, public security, security forces, private security firms, and SAR teams.

private flights

Executive Aviation

As a certified operator with more than 15 years experience, we offer a wide range of solutions tailored to your needs from private domestic flights to international flights.

Aircraft management

Aircraft management

Flag, purchase and sale, export and import, as well as legal advice.

About Us

The hundreds of students who have passed through our facilities in recent years along with the thousands of flight hours per year make Aerodynamics Malaga one of the best options for those who want to become professionals in the aeronautical world.

Company philosophy

Since its inception in 2002, Aerodynamics Malaga is one of the leading schools for training pilots and cabin crew in the South of Spain.

  • We currently own 15 aircraft with future orders already placed.
  • More than 1600 square meters of training facilities.
  • More than 1200 square meters of hangars at the Leoni Benabu (LEAX) airfield in Vélez-Málaga.

A committed and professional team with a staff of over 50 people. All of our courses are approved by EASA according to EASA regulations which are recognized in practically all European countries.

Personalized service

Customers and students

Our Department tracks the details of each of our clients and students.

We find solutions

Always ask us. Your questions will be resolved as soon as possible by our team of professionals.

Aeronautical training

Any specialty in the aeronautical sector. Contact us and we will answer your questions.

Otros servicios aeronáuticos

We are based in Vélez-Málaga, at the Leoni Benabu (LEAX) aerodrome, with over 1200 square meters of hangars. We have amaintenance service for aircraft, which is approved by PIPER. We also offer service in metal work and paint, with our own dedicated hangar forpainting/drying.

Flying can be a wonderful experience but for some it is the contrary, a complete nightmare. This course aims to show that the fear of flying is something purely subjective and will help you to be able to deal with flying as a more common daily activity.

We offer our customers a wide fleet of aircraft and helicopters for deployment of banners and billboards. We advise with route planning, schedules that focus on commercial targets and offer the possibility of simultaneous advertising campaigns in different towns.

Flight planning. A complete study for each flight will be carried out, less busy and more suitable routes will be searched for. The end result will be less miles flown, reducingfuel consumption and flight times.

Aerodynamics Gallery

Facilities, hangars, flights, students, aircraft pilots...

centro oficial Norwegian

Aerodynamics - Formation Centre for Norwegian

Cabin Crew Training Academy


Aerodynamics Commercial Pilot

Pilot Training Academy

aircraft cabin simulator

Aerodynamics - Aircraft Cabin

Aircraft Cabin Simulator

Aircraft Maintenance


Aerodynamics - Aircraft Maintenance

Aircraft Maintenance

medical emergency

Aerodynamics - Cabin Crew Practice

Medical Emergency Practice

Fire Simulator


Aerodynamics - Fire Simulator

Fire Simulator of the latest generation

boeing 737 door

Aerodynamics - Boeing 737 door operation

Standardization Boeing 737 - Airbus A320.

cabina de pasajeros

Aerodynamics - Aircraft Cabin

Aircraft Cabin Simulator of latest generation


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